Trends are popping up here there and everywhere and of course, who even are you if you’re not keeping up with them, right?

Wrong! I consider myself pretty current, semi-cool, and my eyebrows have never been on-fleek. The whole HD brow craze seemed to pass me by – is it still happening?

The selfie revolution had been burning strong for 2 years before i plucked up the nerve to reverse the camera on my face – resembling a thumb for a couple of minutes before working out the best selfie camera angle. And low and behold, i have never owned a selfie stick (although i do kind of want one).

Gathering my research, i’ve spoken to a number of twenty something years olds to reassure us that we don’t have to embrace every trend that arrives at our front doors. So here goes, confessions of a twenty something year old…

I’m a twenty something year old and i have never:

“…Contoured my make up. I wouldn’t even know how. It sounds geographical and i wasn’t great at GCSE geography.”

“…Tried a matcha latte. I know it’s green and supposedly healthier than a normal latte, but i’ve never been tempted.”

“…Done a Mannequin Challenge. I wasn’t even aware it related to a song.”

“…Worn a choker. It seems to be all the rage, but surely it can’t be comfy?”

We are all different and should’t feel pressured in bowing down to trends that just aren’t us – let’s celebrate our individuality.


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