Finding your path

You may think you’re the only 20 something year old out there who’s questioning where you are right now. Whether that’s emotionally, relationship wise or in your career. But take comfort in knowing that you’re not.

The more i speak to people the more i realise that we are all just playing a guessing game, trying to find our own way to what we class as ‘success’ – whether you are already high up in your career or just starting out. We get fixated on reaching the end goal of penultimate wealth or success that we forget to do the smaller things along the way, the smaller things being the important things that fuel our happiness.

Goals in your personal life are just as (i think more important) than in your work-life. So set yourself two sets of goals: goals for your career and goals for yourself. For instance, you may want to get that job you always wanted, so plot the steps you are going to take to get there. But ensure that you also nurture yourself – find that place you always wanted to travel to and work out how you are going to make the trip happen.

I find it handy to write my goals down, as if i’ve had a bad day i can take a look at what i’m working to and it makes it feel all the more worth it. It’s important to have your goal on the horizon, that way when bumps in the road occur they don’t deter you from your desired destination.

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