Logging out.

The internet holds so much information for us. Although, more often or not, we use it to browse what others are doing – peeping into their lives from the outside (hello, it’s me…). Of course, social media allows us to do this with such ease that it’s hard not to. But when does this become too much…

Spending too much time browsing on our phones is an addiction – i’m bad for it. I’ll put a movie on, look on my phone, look up and movies finishing. I mean, what was Matthew McConaughey doing in a 3D dimension anyway?

So, before it’s too late and it’s my life i’ve missed instead of just a movie, I’m embarking on a journey of spending less time on my phone and enjoying the real world around me. Instead, i’m going to spend time thinking of all the things i want to see and do in the years to come and how i’m going to make these happen. Starting with travelling. I don’t want to see all of these amazing places online as a tiny little image – i want to be there. So, i’m pulling together my bucket list and i intend to see it through.

This arms length social media approach means i can focus on myself, not others. I gain back the time i would have otherwise spent trawling through my news feeds. The thing is, we can do so much with our lives, we just have to get out there and make things happen.


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