The Times They Are a-Changin’

Bob Dylan was right, these times they are a-changin’.

I have a theory…

The people i speak to in this generation are feeling lost in some way or another, or this is how we see ourselves anyway. We don’t feel like we’re where we should be in life. But, i’ve been thinking about this lately and i’ve come up with a theory.

Growing up we had our parents generation to look up to. In their time, people weren’t pressured to go to university, they would go out and get a job and stay in that job for a long period of time, working their way up the career ladder in one company. Dating was more straight forward – you went out and met people. Now it all seems to take place online, swipe left for yes or right for no (is that how it goes?). People would get married and have children younger. By the time you reached 30 you were likely married with a family and a solid career – obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s the impression i was surrounded by.

This is what we have to compare our lives to, to see if we’re measuring up. But the trouble is, things have changed. Less than 3 years is the average our generation stays in a job, moving around to move up the ladder – it has a name, it’s called job hopping. It’s estimated that we will of had 15-20 different jobs in our career lifetime, crazy! Dating has got all complicated and we’re happy settling down later. The world has become our oyster in many ways, but we’re holding on to the thought of what we ‘should’ be doing in comparison to older gens.

In order to overcome this lost feeling we need to realise that things have changed – the world’s pace is a lot faster and in some ways hostile, but all the more opportunistic. We are able to take our time in figuring out where we’re going with our journeys. There are so many opportunities out there that we can grab and most of them appear when we least expect them. Don’t measure yourself against anyone but you, explore new opportunities and you will know when the right one pops up for you.

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