Let’s redefine success

I feel like i’ve got to the good stage of adulthood, where you start to realise what deserves your time and what doesn’t.

It’s hard when you’re new to things; new to business, new to the world of balancing work and socialising, new to saying no! But after time it gets easier and you learn what’s acceptable. Fresh out of university you feel like you have to prove and give your whole self to everything in your professional life. You feel like you have to be able to work a full week and be able to socialise in the evenings and through the weekend. Although sometimes this isn’t possible and you have to give yourself a break – switch on Netflix and relax.

Work hard, yes. But know what’s good for you and when to stop.

I’ve always strived to be successful in whatever i do, sacrificing socialising, time with my family and even on occasion my health. But this week i had a sort of epiphany. I read something that really made me think and put things into perspective:

‘It’s not about being the most successful. It’s about being the happiest you can be.’

This saying makes you put you first. Sounds obvious, but i had never looked at life this way. I always thought ‘once i’m successful and accomplished i’ll be happiest’  which is a common idea that never actually works.

So let’s all put our happiness first, ’cause as long as we’re happy we’re successful.


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