Hi, I’m Jess. A twenty-something year old.

Plucked out of university and thrown into the ‘real’ world, being in your twenties can be a strange time. Trying to find your place in the world whilst figuring out what it is you really want to do with your life.

It’s hard when you are constantly surrounded by success – social media screams of it and we are engulfed in it. It makes you question your journey and whether you are falling behind. But to be straight, you’re not.

I would say i’ve been very lucky since leaving university, embarking on a career path with great potential. But i still question myself, am i doing enough? Should i be more successful by now? And i’m not alone.

Speaking to friends at all different stages of their careers and in all different locations, they all have these thoughts too. It’s normal. We are the insecure generation. This is why i started this blog, to show that we are all finding our way. Whether we have 100k followers on Instagram or are just getting our foot in a career door – we should embrace our individual journeys and treasure what we learn along the way.

So please, grab a up of tea, kick back and enjoy this blog…